Blanket Anilox Coater

Blanket Anilox Coater With Chamber Doctor Blade System

  • Suitable for Sheet‐fed Offset Printing Machine
  • Recommended for SORK/Z, SORM/Z, SORD/Z, SORS/Z



Offset printing machine size (inches.) 19″x25-1/2″ 120-1/2″x29-1/8″ 25-1/4″x36″ 28-3/8″x40-1/8″
Offset printing machine size (cms.) 48 x 65 52 x 74 64 x 91.5 72 x 102
Offset printing machine model (Recommended) SORK/Z SORM/Z SORD/Z SORS/Z
Maximum Coating width of Anilox roller (cms.) 65.4 72.4 89.4 102.4
Anilox Roller Chrome plated steel
Speed 7000 imp / hr (max.)
Drive independent AC motor with Variable frequency AC drive
Speed control Automatic, Linear speed of Roller is in synchronism blanket
Roller to Blanket contact Pneumatic
Varnish Circulation Pump Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump
Electrical power supply 3-phase + neutral + earth, 415 V, 5O Hz, AC
Electrical power consumption of Coater 750 Watts (1 HP) approx.