Low Pile UV High Rise Delivery


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Low Pile UV High Rise Delivery

Suitable for Low Pile Delivery Sheetfed Offset Printing Machine.


Pneumatic systems for lifting of UV Lamp housing, in case any sheet is jammed on conveyor below the housing. This feature is incorporated to avoid / reduce chances of damage to UV Lamps; if any sheet is jammed under UV Lamp housing. This feature also lifts the UV housing in case of power failure and protects belt from heat inside UV housing. This feature is Pioneered in India by Unique UV.


Curable Width (Inches) UV Lamp (Qty) UV Lamp Capacity (Watts/Inch) UV Lamp Power Each (kW) UV Power Consumption (kW) Dimensions L x W x H Mtrs
25 2 300 7.5 16.5 2.571 x 1.128 x 1.150
30 2 300 9 19.9 2.571 x 1.381 x 1.218
42 2 300 12.6 27.1 3.320 x 1.600 x 1.260