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Terms & Conditions:

Price: The prices mentioned in our quotation are for each piece and ex- works. The prices are exclusive of freight, Insurance GST the same shall be charged extra as applicable at the time of dispatch of material.

Minimum order quantity: 1 no. of each particular type / model ordered.

Taxes and Duties: All prices are exclusive of freight, Insurance GST.

Confirmation of Orders: All orders placed with the company are subject to confirmation by the company. Orders placed with the company orally or over telephone must be confirmed in writing. The orders must confirm the acceptance of payment clause.

Goods once sold will not be taken back by the company.

Dispatch: The machine shall be dispatched by Road Transport on FREIGHT TO PAY BASIS. Transportation and Forwarding charges will be to the purchaser’s account. Please note Unloading and placement of machine / material at buyer’s destination / factory will have to be arranged by buyer at his cost. The delivery period mentioned in the quotation does not include the transportation delay.

Installation and commissioning of machinery / equipment: In case the installation of machinery is out of Mumbai then travelling, accommodation, food expenses and incidental expenses of our engineer / technician will have to be borne by buyer during Installation and commissioning; should his services be required at site. These charges will have to be borne by buyer during Installation and service calls at his site. Warranty clause does not cover these charges.

Delivery period: Machine will be dispatched from our works within agreed period after receipt of your technically and commercially clear and confirmed Purchase Order and payment. The delivery period mentioned in the quotation does not include the transportation delay. Delivery period does not include installation, commissioning and training period at your press.

Packing: The packing charges shall be charged extra at an actual.

Insurance: Transit insurance of the material is to be arranged by buyer at his cost.

Inspection: If purchaser is interested in pre-dispatch inspection at our factory, then the same should be mentioned in the purchase order. The purchaser shall depute his inspector for the inspection with prior appointment with us, at his cost. We shall intimate, as soon the material is ready for inspection.

Payments: 50% advance payment with your official purchase order and balance payment against Proforma invoice before dispatch from our works, by Net-banking.


Our Bank Account Details

Account Name (Name of beneficiary): Unique UV and Light Pvt. Ltd.

Bank Name: HDFC BANK.  Account type: Current account.

Account Number: 50200033991532.  IFSC Code: HDFC0000038. 

Branch Address: Shop No. 30, Vrindavan Shopping Centre, Near Evershine Gate, Vasai East, Maharashtra – 401208.


Warrantee: The goods quoted are warranted against any manufacturing defect for the period of 12 months from the date of dispatch except Lamps. Warrantee clause does not cover consumables such as UV Lamp/s, Reflector liner, Bearings, etc. Buyer will have to install Voltage Stabilizer (un-balanced load type) at his cost; failing which Electronic Power Supply warranty is solely depend on discretion of OEM of Electronic Power Supply even during warranty period.

UV Curing Lamp warranty: Standard Medium Pressure Mercury Arc UV Curing Lamps are prorata warranted for 1000 burning hours; whereas Doped UV Lamps such as Gallium Doped and Iron Doped Lamps are warranted for 500 burning hours. or for one year from the date of purchase, whichever is earlier. UV curing lamp warranty is subject to acceptance of manufacturing defect by the manufacturer of UV curing lamp. Breakage or crack in the lamp or lamp surface contamination due to mishandling or during usage is not included in the warrantee clause.

UV LED module warranty: UV Curing LED is warranted for one year from the date of sale. In case of any failure UV LED module warranty is subject to testing and acceptance of manufacturing defect by the manufacturer (Phoseon) of UV LED module. In case of contamination of glass window in front of LED module due to ink/coating deposition or any solvent / dust deposition; the performance will be affected. This is not included in warranty. User has to clean the window regularly, by prescribed method in manual. During warranty period of UV LED modules if any fault occurs then Buyer will have to send UV Module to Phoseon USA factory for repair at Buyer’s cost. UV LED modules are not repaired in India.

Risk factor: In accidental situation of paper / sheet stoppage or paper/ sheet break causing paper stopping in front of UV Lamp or paper edge / paper piece entangled inside UV housing or low speed travel or failure of compressed air supply or electro-mechanical signal failure; in such situation paper/sheet catch fire due to the inherent heat of UV Lamp. Buyer will have to take all the necessary precautions from the risk of fire hazard and any damage / loss due to the burning of paper / plastic sheet. We will not be responsible for any loss / damage of any kind in such situation. Buyer must install fire extinguisher near UV Curing System, at Buyer’s cost. Our responsibility / liability is limited to the working of our product / system supplied by us. Any consequential loss / damage claims are not our responsibility. We assume Buyer has understood his responsibility.

Validity: The quotation is valid for 30 days only.

Force Majeure:  In all cases where delay or failure in performance of this contract is directly or indirectly caused by or due to an act of God, war, mobilization, demobilization, requisition by / or interference from government or local authorities, force majeure applied by our supplier, or epidemic infectious disease spread in the community, lockout, labour disturbance, trade disputes, unavailability or shortage of materials, fire, riots, strikes and / or civil commotion or any events or circumstances whatsoever beyond the control of the company then in such case the company shall be entitled to an extension of time for performance of this contract for a period corresponding to the period of delay by or in consequence aforesaid so that the company shall supply and the purchaser shall accept (without any allowance) all goods and machinery and material so affected as soon as they are ready and transit arrangement can be made or at Company’s sole option to cancel the contract and in such event the company shall not be liable to purchaser on any account.


The quotation is subject to Vasai Jurisdiction & Subject to force majeure.

Thanking you, 

Sincerely yours,

For Unique UV & Light Pvt. Ltd.


Sunil S. Daddikar.


See things in the present, even if they are in the future.