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Who We Are

Excellence is our Passion

Unique UV & Light Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2007 to offer UV Curing Products & Services. UNIQUE UV has covered many applications of UV Curing as per customer requirements / specifications.

UNIQUE UV has developed many import substitute innovative products first time in India. We have built a “Quality Result” reputation and trust, which established a long-term bond with its customers.

Our UV Curing systems are installed across INDIA and also at several international sites.

UNIQUE UV has an inhouse state of the art UV radiation measurement instruments. This has reflected on our performance, quality and durability of our products.

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Why Choose Us

Our Vision

To achieve excellence in technology and development for the betterment of mankind and environment.

Our Mission

To continuously improve in all areas of our operations through implementation of International Quality Systems.

Our Commitment

To be the best in our area of business through innovation, transformation and modernization.

Our Goal

To attain customer satisfaction by consistently surpassing their expectations in our products and services.

Make every detail perfect

Achievements & Expertise

  • Unique UV has excellent technical design team and achieved many import substitute products first time in INDIA
  • Designing of Reference Ballasts for various discharge lamps confirming to Indian and International Standard Specifications. (Exported regularly as per International specifications such as BS / IEC / JIS.) – Since 1986
  • Successfully designing and manufacturing of Ballasts and Instant hot Re-strike Ignitors for HMI Cinematography lamps for the first time in India; upto 6000 Watts. (Import substitute products) – Since 1988
  • Designing and manufacturing of Electronic Lighting control systems, comprising of Solid State dimmer upto 200 kW Capacity. – Since 1990
  • Successfully designing and manufacturing of Ballasts and Instant hot Restrike Ignitors for Ultraviolet lamps used in Reprography, upto 7000 Watts. (Import substitute)
  • Developed accurate, low cost as well as reliable Peak Voltage Tester for fast rising Pulses of Electronic Ignitors and Glow Starters. (For the first time in India of its Kind) – Since 1996
  • Successfully designing & manufacturing of Conveyorised UV – curing machine and Controls for UV curing lamps, upto 20 kW – Since 1997

Know Us Better

Design & Testing Facilities

  • State-of-the-art SOLID EDGE Siemens Germany 3D designing stations
  • Computer aided Testing of Transformer & Chokes
  • Computer aided Testing of UV Radiation Profile: POWER MAP, EIT, USA.
  • UV Radiation Leakage Safety Level Testing: SOLAR, USA.

Area of Specialization

  • Designing control-gears for special purpose Gas-Discharge Lamps
  • Electronic controllers for Special Purpose Lighting applications

New Developments

  • Holographic Image Transfer Machine
  • Spot Hologram UV Embossing in-register with printing
  • UV LED Curing System
  • Extra Wide Roller Coater & UV Curing System upto 6 feet wide

Memberships / Affiliations

  • Associate Member of Indian Society of Lighting Engineers, India
  • Member of Luminescence Society of India
  • Associate Member of Institute of Engineers, India

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